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Topic: My testimony

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My testimony

This is my testimony. Please do not make fun of me about it. This is very personal stuff an I'm scare to even share it. This happened about 1 year ago. I was a normal girl, till one night I felt empty inside. Then I didn't ever feel hungry. I didn't eat a full meal for weeks. I lost some weight. My parents became worried, so for their sake, I tried to eat. I usually cried during dinner, trying to eat but can't. This went on for a couple of weeks then finally I started eating again. During the hard time I didn't eat, I blamed God for it. I usually cried everyday because God wasn't helping me. I started to turn away from him. I did horrible things behind my parents back. This continued till a man named Colton Dixon came along. I heard his version of "Everything" by Lifehouse. At first I thought he was a freak who needed a haircut. Then one day, while at church, it hit me what it meant. So I learned it on guitar and played it in front of about 50 people at my guitar recital. Then I started to grow in my faith. I started caring more in church, raising my hands during worship and really feeling the words, not just singing them. I read my bible at least once a week. I asked Jesus to forgive me for everything I did in my dark time. But Colton wasn't the only person who helped me. They may not know it, but everyone at the 412 youth ministries helped me. As soon as I started going there, I started loving the teachings and teachers! I started to grow more and more in my faith until,  just recently, I decided to write a worship song. I wanted to thank God for helping through my dark time. I titled it "You Are My Avenger". The chorus is: "Jesus my Messiah, El Shadi, Jesus my Redeemer, who bled and died, all of Satan's demons, stand no chance, for you are my protector, you are my Avenger"  I really loved writing this song and I hope some day I can show the world my love for Jesus Christ. I still have my weak moments in my faith, but God helps my through every one. And for that, I'm very thankful God showed me who Colton Dixon and his wonderful family is. 

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